Yamanote’s Yummy Frozen Treat!

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that is pretty much the same thing."

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that is pretty much the same thing."

What is the best season for ice cream? Most would agree it’s summer, right… Ice cream is the true king and the most incredible innovation of summertime treats, and there is nothing quite like chilled ice cream to bring us some leisure from the summer heat.

We all want to have fun in the sun while avoiding all the destructions of heat, and a lot of the time, we’re all about anything that will help us stay cool during these sweltering summer days. Ice cream that one thing everyone loves, whether young or old, men or women. It’s cold, refreshing, and, most importantly, delicious! Essentially, it’s the perfect treat to battle the summer heat.

Here at Yamanote Atelier, our new range of ice creams with Mango Mandarin or Vanilla flavour combinations is a sure-fire way to cool down in the scorching summer sun. Made with precision using the purest ingredients, our frozen treats are uniquely crafted to leave your taste buds craving for more! From deliciously flavoured ice cream cups to fruity corns, here are 3 of our favourite new ice cream treats to break out this time of year.


Mango Mandarin

Mango Mandarin & Vanilla

Not to forget, one good thing about summer heat is that it lets us explore our options. Couldn’t agree more, right… So, this summer, don’t sweat and worry you can make the most of the season with our 3 new rich, creamy, delicious ice creams and satisfy your sweet craving while beating the heat! So, step out there and treat yourself to a yummy frozen treat! Our Mango Mandarin and vanilla ice creams are available at all Yamanote outlets in UAE.


Any Day Is Tea Day
Happy International Tea Day

For all the tea lovers out there, this celebration is for you ♥

For all the tea lovers out there, this celebration is for you ♥

Tea… The comforting cup is so much more than a simple cup of hot or chilled, flavored beverage, which gives us a complete sensory experience that involves an appreciation of culture, tradition, and flavor that the tea lovers can’t get enough of.

May 21st is “International Tea Day.’ It is the day that celebrates this undefinable love for tea and highlights the joy that this hot or chilled beverage brings to tea lovers all around the world.

For tea lovers, nothing can beat the joy of a cup of refreshing tea. There may be variations in how one likes one’s cup of tea. In fact, we love it so much that we go through incalculable cups each day. Its mellow, soothing flavor gives many of us a little boost, whether it’s first thing in the morning or during that mid-afternoon break. 

As we have officially welcomed summer days, let us refresh and replenish our bodies with some of the best summer teas. On this day, celebrate your love for tea in the best ways possible. Sip your favorite cup or try experimenting with some new teas to beat the heat this summer. Here are some refreshing and soothing teas for you to try. Also, don’t forget to check them out at any Yamanote outlet in the UAE. 

Matcha Tea

Mint & Lime Iced Tea

Mint & Lime Iced Tea

Dragon Berry Iced Tea

Passion Fruit Iced Tea

Passion Fruit Iced Tea

Yuzu Iced Tea

So go ahead and enjoy these teas and ensure a Happy & Healthy Summer 2022!


Top 5 Delicious
Yamanote Breakfast Dishes

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast." - John Gunther -

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast." - John Gunther -

Your morning sets up the success of your day, and we all know breakfast is a big part of it. The beginning, the first thing, and especially the most important meal of the day. 

Yamanote Atelier now introducing its new breakfast menu with refresh, nourish & flourish breakfast items made with fresh ingredients to start your perfect summer day.

Perhaps you’ve become tired of your go-to breakfast and are looking for rich, new, exciting, and pleasing breakfast options. Say hello to these simple yet elegant breakfast options from our menu that will put a spring in your step even on the craziest mornings. 

Our expert bakers have gathered flavours, aromas, and unique Japanese delicacies and have blended the chemistry with their quirky imagination to create a breakfast that can outstand almost every menu.

If you have a little extra time in the morning and want to start your day with a new breakfast experience, visit any Yamanote outlet in the UAE. Whether you’re looking for healthy toast or sweet that make breakfast taste like dessert and refreshing and nutritious drinks made out of fresh fruits to fuel up your day, we’ve covered you. Craving savoury? We’ve got pleasing and filling items on our menu, from eggs to bread to fresh salad. Take a look at these mesmerising 5 new breakfast items from our menu. 


Sourdough, Tomato-Pepper Sauce, Grilled Onions, Labneh, Grilled Halloumi, One Egg


Zaatar Croissant, Edamame Hummus, Scrambled Eggs and Fresh Salad

Roast Beef

Scramble Eggs, Garlic-Potatoes, Sautéed Kale, Grilled Tomatoes, Crispy Onions, Red Miso Jus


Caramelized Banana, Berries, Vanilla Chantilly, Maple Butter Violet Honey


Fluffy pancake, accompanied with Maple Butter, Vanilla Chantilly and Violet Honey

Enjoy the top Yamanote breakfast meals ever! There’s something for everyone, from healthy breakfasts to sweet and everything in between, each made perfectly with much love and care.


World Baking Day

At "Yamanote", we believe baking is an art form, from our kitchen to your hands!

At "Yamanote", we believe baking is an art form, from our kitchen to your hands!

Baking is an art form that the world wouldn’t be a better place without. On this memorable day, Yamanote is ready to bake something wonderful for you on World Baking Day!

May 17th is World Baking Day, a day you can’t probably enjoy without butter. It was started by the folks over at worldbakingday.com, who believed it was a leisure activity to share the love of baking all around the world.

We “Yamanote Atelier” Japanese bakery makes its exquisitely crafted specialities considering baking could be a form of art through the inventive and technical skills of our extremely talented bakers.

Artists and bakers both learn how to work with their chosen material in a variety of ways. Similarly, to make something new, our bakers carefully measured Japanese Small differences in our ingredients and recipes from Japan and the culinary craft and legacy of patisserie from France can have a big impact on the flavours, aroma, and appearance of our finely baked goods. To produce recognizable yet unique Japanese delicacies, our bakers blend chemistry with quirky imagination. Not to mention our custom-made items, such as Character Buns, delicious Baumkuchen, and adorable Minion Pastry, provoke emotion and reflect their creativity. Besides granting you a delicious finished product, “Yamanote,” our experiences inspired us to consider the similarities between baking and art.

Enjoy different baked goods at any Yamanote outlet in the UAE. Each is baked perfectly with much love and care. Also take a look at some of the mouth-watering edible art pieces created with our bakers’ unique ideas and skills from scratch.


Strawberry Danish



Cookie Monster


Hello Kitty



Super Mario

Happy World Baking Day with all of us at Yamanote Atelier ♥