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Inspiration & AUTHENTICITY

Yamanote Atelier is an artisanal Japanese bakery and café concept curated in Dubai in 2013, throughout the UAE.

Yamanote is a home-grown business Inspired by the flavours and precision of Japanese baking, alongside the culinary craft and legacy of patisserie from France, blended together with Emirati spirit and experiences.

Here at Yamanote, our culinary team of Japanese chefs creates breads and pastries in-house for in-store dining and delivery, as well as food items and retail. All items served at Yamanote stores are baked fresh with ingredients straight from Japan.

Continuing to add its cherished Japanese flair to its signature desserts, Yamanote has introduced ‘’Ya Baum,’’ Yamanote’s little sister brand specialising in a delicacy known as Baumkuchen cakes.

Also, the Yamanote outlets’ atmospheres are inspired by Japanese minimalism and pastel colours, with bright lights and neon inspired by Parisian cafes with a modern quirky edge, all conceptualised by the owners, alongside Korean designers.

The brand vision is to firmly establish itself as the Japanese bakery in the region with boutique products and services with a neighbourhood service culture.

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