UAE National Day

The Best Japanese Delights To Celebrate UAE National Day!

Every UAE National Day, Yamanote Japanese Bakers prepares in full force to participate in the celebrations and help make your day that much more fun and patriotic. This year we are welcoming you to browse through our brand new, exclusive product line-up, designed specifically to celebrate the spirit of the union on the 51st anniversary of the UAE’s nationalization.

Every year, we carefully curate a delicious and visually stunning limited edition of scrumptious cakes, pastries, and bakeries with melded Japanese flavours that you can share with your loved ones to celebrate the occasion. Whether you are looking to get together with a small party of friends or are simply enjoying a quiet but entertaining day at home with your family on this UAE National Day, we have compiled a list of the best-suited Japanese bakery treats that are absolutely perfect to enjoy in any setting for this joyous national occasion. 

Yamanote Atelier’s delightful UAE National Day delicacies are exclusively available from November 29th to December 3rd, 2022 across all Yamanote Atelier outlets in the UAE. So, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to make your celebration even more delightful.

Spirit of Nation

Flag Fruit Pie

Apricot Pistachio Twist

Dates Coconut Croissant

Saffron Cream Brioche

Chocolate Ring

Eclair Date


Discover Terrifyingly Tasty and Scary Halloween Treats Ever!

Spooky cookies? Creepy bakeries? Scary pastries? We’ve got you covered! There’s more to Halloween, and this year at Yamanote we have gone wild with themed baked goods and pastries that are just the right amount of creepy.

Now your Halloween celebration can be terrifyingly tasty with bewitching bakeries and scary pastries. These snack-sized pick-me-ups are so much fun and irresistible to eat. We’ve got all the flavours in these spooky goodies, from sweet chocolate to savoury, and everything in between. So, come and treat yourself to a terrifyingly tasty and scary treats.

Black Spider

We’re spidery for Nutella! These Nutella Black Spiders are beyond impressive and good to the last bite!


These Frankenstein bakeries are dressed to scare…in the best possible way, of course! This fun cookie trick makes one heck of a treat. With the look from fun sweet filling, what’s not to love about our Frankenstein?

Halloween Monsieur

Forget the tricks, and treat yourself to these spookily delicious Halloween Monsieur. These spooky Monsieur are almost too good to share.


Not to be corny, but our sausage Mummies taste as scary as they look. Also, they are a total showstopper. No matter your stance on savoury, our Mummies are worth the whisk.

Nutella Pumpkin

Bring the glow of the jack-o-lantern to life with these sweet Nutella pumpkins. From a dessert tray to a cookie jar, these spooky Halloween Nutella Pumkin are the perfect holiday flair.


Meet the creepiest to end all creepies. Try our Zombie… If you dare. Let’s see if you’re brave enough to sink your teeth into our Zombie.


Gather your crew and host a scary Halloween with our Ghost pastry. They are totally scary with their sweet muffin and crispy chocolate cream filling. Kids and adults alike will love them. 

Pumpkin Cookie

After the house is decorated for Halloween, reward yourself to this Pumpkin Cookie filled with vanilla, almond and chocolate.

Oreo Skeleton

Dust off your scariest costume and sink your teeth into our frighteningly spooky Oreo Skeleton.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Monster Tiramisu

Make the most of the last few months of the year and celebrate this Halloween with spooktacular treats and sweets filled with tons of fun. But remember, you don’t have to wait until October 31st to enjoy all these devilishly delicious Halloween treats. These terrifyingly delicious treats are available from October 1st to November 3rd, 2022.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your best costume and head to any Yamanote Atelier outlet in the UAE to celebrate this Halloween season for a spooktacular day of tasty treats and great fun.

Happy Halloween, all you ghouls and goblins! 


Celebrate Saudi National Day with Unique Themed Bakeries

Saudi National Day is right around the corner and Yamanote Atelier, the UAE’s most popular Japanese bakery, will celebrate the occasion in style with limited-time unique bakeries exclusively available from 21st to 25th of September 2022. 

This year, to celebrate the special occasion, Yamanote Atelier has introduced the most delectable sweets that will satisfy the celebration cravings of all. Guests can indulge in three delicious new limited-edition creations that meld traditional Japanese flavors. The exclusive National Day Specials include a Kleija Pie, Mohalabiah Saffron Baum, and Pistachio Profiterole, all inspired by the colours of the Saudi Arabia flag. Take advantage of these enticing celebration delicacies in the most stylish settings. 

Also, if you want to experience this grand celebration in person, head to the Yamanote Atelier’s Dubai Mall outlet, which has been specially decorated for the occasion with the vibe of Saudi Arabia.  


Pistachio Profiterole

Mohalabiah Saffron Baum

Yamanote Atelier’s delightful Saudi National Day delicacies are available across all Yamanote Atelier outlets in the UAE. So, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to make your celebration even more delightful.


Performance Management Workshop

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall -Stephen R. Covey -

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall -Stephen R. Covey -

Managers are the main “Captains of the Ship”, as they say, and it is essential to establish a “system” that would help the “captains” to plan ahead and implement a guiding “map” of how and where to lead the team on their journey to success. 

Thus, the Yamanote Atelier’s Performance Management Workshop (PMW) is an avenue designed to equip our HODs, Outlet Managers, and Assistant Managers at the restaurant. The workshops’ aim was to focus on the effective conduct of performance reviews and appraisals and establish an effective performance management system (PMS) in the organization. 

The workshop also covered the importance of competency behaviours of each individual that contribute to the growth and success of both the company and the employees in achieving the vision and mission of the organization. The main workshop activities completed by the participants were creating SMART objectives, from mind mapping all the way to developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Techniques and tools were also introduced during the workshop, such as the GROW model as a coaching technique, effective listening skills and communication skills, and tips for handling staff poor performance. 

The full-day workshop was completed in two parts on July 14th & 19th, 2022. The workshop was attended by the Executive Chef, Catering and Events Manager, Head Bakers, Outlet Managers, and IT Asst. Manager, HR Officer, HR Coordinator, Senior Accountant, Accountant, and Supervisors of the Yamanote. Indeed, it was another full-packed fun-learning workshop and fruitful learning event with the support of our senior management! 

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Stunning Main Course Dishes to Ignite Your Passion

"The starter might delight the senses, and the dessert satisfies the sweet tooth, but it’s the main course that we all look forward to the most.’’

"The starter might delight the senses, and the dessert satisfies the sweet tooth, but it’s the main course that we all look forward to the most.’’

The main course is the CenterPoint of any meal, whether it’s lunch or dinner, and it provides the most options for what to eat. 

Yamanote Atelier is now introducing its new main course menu with refreshed, nourished, and flavoured dishes made with fresh ingredients to fuel your day.  Perhaps you have become tired of your boring home-cooked food and are seeking out some interesting dishes. Yamanote Ateliers’ new main course menu dishes should do the trick. We have grilled entrées, cheesy pasta, and other impressive dishes too. Now all you need to think about is dessert…

Just take a look at our new main course dishes below, and you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for

Katsu Chicken Curry

There’s nothing wrong with defaulting to some divine chicken when you’re craving a meal. The key is to select a perfect special chicken dish, like this flavoursome Katsu Chicken Curry, made with breaded chicken, grilled organic vegetables, gohan rice, and Japanese style curry. Enjoy an authentic Japanese-style Katsu Chicken Curry made and cooked to perfection!

Ginger Truffle Beef

Truffle beef is always a stunner. This grilled dish was made with striploin shishito peppers, bok
choi, daikon, and black garlic-truffe sauce. This stunning dish is sure to ignite your passion.

Mentaiko & Kani

Finish this creamy mentaiko pasta with shrimp, yuzukosho, and tempura soft-shell crab. It is filled with delicious and flavourful ingredients.

Koji Bass

The koji bass is made with gilled seabass, avocado risotto, sauteed vegetables, and ginger. It is beautiful, delicious, and fun, and the presentation is truly fabulous!

We’ve got you four main course dishes to choose from, so if you’re after a delicious main course dish, look no further. You can indulge in these heartily delicious main course dishes at Yamanote outlets in Mirdif Hills, The Dubai Mall, and Al Ferdous, UAE.


Fun Fruity Spins for this Summer

When it is summer, there is nothing better than a fruity or frozen drink in hand! In this cool beverage season, some refreshing drinks are just what we need to get us through the summer heat all day long. Also, it is no secret that icy summer drinks are the perfect way to beat the heat.

There is a great variety of summer drinks flavors from sweet mango to tangy orange & juicy peaches that play on the lead flavors during this season.

As we welcome summers, let us refresh and refill our bodies with 3 most refreshing summer drinks that you must not miss-out during this summer season.

Summer Drink Box

A high-end box with special branding and includes 4 Bottles of Summer Drinks

Bottle 250ml AED35

An absolute lip-smacking drink that is citrusy, subtly and lightly sweet…Definitely the Orangezilla is a classic summer sipper! This drink is definitely catching hearts and minds of all ages and it’s absolutely worth the try.

Mango Rush
Bottle 250ml AED35

The Mango Rush is the ideal summer drink!  It’s just sweet enough with an orange, mango, lime & pomegranate flavors: tangy, refreshing and sparkling all at once. It makes for the most satisfying pool drink that you won’t want to end!

Peachy Punch
Bottle 250ml AED35

What could be a better signature summer cocktail than the Peachy Punch?  This drink is the perfect blend of pineapple, peach and hibiscus. Perfection!

So go ahead and sip on these fantastic summer drinks from classic to frozen featuring Orangezilla, Mango Rush & Peachy punch at any @YamanoteAtelier outlet in UAE and Summer Drinks Box are available only at Al Ferdous, Dubai Mall, Midriff Hills & Etihad Outlets. Ensure your happy summer ends well with our summer drinks!


TATSUJIN Trainers: Masters of Your Own Craft!

Tatsujin (達人) – a Japanese term known as “master” means expert

Tatsujin (達人) – a Japanese term known as “master” means expert

Yamanote Atelier Restaurant continuously provides training to all its employees to establish an internal pool of trainers as we believe in the individual talents of each team member in different sections of the organization. In the requirement of developing effective and efficient employees from the starting days and day forward, the successful pool of trainers as certified will be very helpful to achieve this goal.

A Train-the-Trainer Program (T3) has been launched in two batches last June 8 and 13, 2022, respectively. The training was attended by selected employees from different sections in Outlet Operations, Central Kitchen, and Delivery Services, of various positions such as Outlet Supervisors, Waiters, Waitresses, Head Barista, Barista, Call Center Agent, Jr Sous Chef, CDP, Head Baker, and Bakers.

This training program served as one of the best tools for formulating qualified team members known as the “experts” to become internal trainers or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in a specific section of the organization. This T3 program will be in support both existing and upcoming training activities in the future. By end of the fun-filled training activities, all the participants were certified as the “master” (tatsujin) trainers of their specific areas!

Batch 1
June 8

Batch 2
June 13

Batch 2
June 13

Want to Join Our Team?

At Yamanote Atelier we are committed to create a working environment that is both fun & professional.


New Labneh Croissant is a Great Fusion & Full of Taste!

One thing that might surprise you about Yamanote is that it’s full of delicious bakeries with lots of varieties. But what makes Yamanote stands the most is its delicious signature croissants!

Yamanote is launching its new Labneh Croissants inspired by different flavours with a savoury twist of homemade furikake, pesto sauce, dry labneh, dressing, and greens.

Yamanote Croissants play in an ultimate breakfast/brunch luxury league of their own as they are so buttery, flaky, and crunchy, making it feel more special eating them. 

The new Labneh Croissants look super luxurious and taste so rich and satisfying. Try our perfect pairing of dry labneh and homemade furikake in our freshly baked croissant layered with fresh salad. Heavenly bites of buttery texture and signature labneh combined with the fresh taste. This perfect croissant is topped with greener and more drizzled with unique dressing, guaranteeing the most authentic taste and aroma.

Yamanote Atelier Japanese bakers make a wide variety of Japanese croissants with various sweet and savoury toppings and fillings. You can find them all in Yamanote outlets around the UAE.  


Baumkuchen Cake: Heartly Appetite for any Occasion

If you have ever tasted Baumkuchen cakes, you know freshly sliced Baumkuchen cake is one of the great culinary pleasures in life. The Yamanote brought this joy into their customer’s life by introducing “Ya Baum,” a brand-new pastry concept specializing in Baumkuchen cakes, a traditional German sweet and a popular dessert in Japan.

The Baumkuchen is nicknamed a “Tree Cake” because it resembles the rings of a tree. The most important reason for its name is that the cake is baked layer by layer on a wooden spit, call it a tree trunk, by an open flame. The batter consists of butter and egg York separated from the egg white. Then comes flour and a secret blend of the flavors. The egg whites are beaten, sugar is added, and it’s all mixed.

The unique concentric rings of the Baumkuchen are seen as a symbol of love, longevity, and prosperity; this makes the Baumkuchen a popular favorite at celebrations and festive occasions.

Yamanote makes its Baumkuchen with special equipment brought initially by Japan. Not many types of cakes have a bakery devoted exclusively to baking and selling Baumkuchen. But Yamanote, the Japanese Bakers, introduced this new concept to its customers by branching out to its sister company, Ya Baum.

Look at our most delicious authentic, lovely rings of the Soft and Hard Baumkuchen cakes made in a classical ambiance in an old-fashioned way. Each elegant ring is a piece of art, coated with the Chocolate, Matcha, Saffron, and Cheese, adding an extra layer of refinement.

Original Soft

Chocolate Soft

Chocolate Soft

Matcha Soft

Saffron Soft

Saffron Soft

Original Hard

Chocolate Hard

Chocolate Hard

Matcha Hard

Cheese Baum

Cheese Baum

Enjoy freshly sliced Baumkuchen at the Yamanote outlets across the UAE. Our Baumkuchen cakes are exclusively Handmade and prepared by specialized chefs and available only at the Yamanote outlets in UAE. 


Gear Up to Celebrate EID with Yamanote’s
Special Eid Box

It’s almost time for the grand festive celebration to begin. No celebration is complete without a hearty meal, and Yamanote will complete your Eid celebration by offering a delectable spread of Japanese cuisines with a special Eid Box. 

Yamanote Atelier offers a luxurious Eid Box this Eid Al Adha on July 8th, from July 11th. The Eid Box boasts unique and exhaustive Japanese cuisine with many delicacies to make your festivity of this day worth remembering and even more delightful. 

Our Eid boxes are filled with perfect, bite-sized assorted delights, perfect for a family gathering to charming yet yummy delicacies that are perfect for gifting. 

There is even a stunning mini delight, which would be a perfect showstopper for any Eid table. And the cute and delicious savouries, sweets & sandwiches are sure to be enjoyed by both young and old.

And if one is looking for beverages, go along with our special Eid Box, Dates & coconut milkshake, Dragon berry iced tea, Passion fruit iced tea, and Hibiscus tea are great choices. Whatever your preference, our Eid Boxes are a fresh take on classic delicacies.


Choose from the options below:

Special Eid Boxes:

·      VIP Box – 60 pieces selection of savories & sweets (AED 595)

·      Savory Box – 35 pieces selection of mini savories (AED 280)

·      Sweet Box – 35 pieces selection of mini sweets (AED 250)

·      Pocket Sandwich Box – 36 pieces selection of mini sandwiches (AED 270)


·      Dates & Coconut Milk Shake – Bottle 1L (AED 70)/ Glass 320ml (AED 30)/ Bottle 100ml (AED 20) 

·      Dragon Berry Iced Tea – Bottle 1L (AED 70)/ Glass 320ml (AED 30)/ Bottle 100ml (AED 20)

·      Passion Fruit Iced Tea – Bottle 1L (AED 85)/ Glass 320ml (AED 30)/ Bottle 100ml (AED 20)

·      Hibiscus Tea – Bottle 1L (AED 120)/ Glass 320ml (AED 45)/ Bottle 100ml (AED 30)

Time to dress up and relish some Japanese delicacies and cheesy pastries from our Eid Boxes. Also, these delightful Eid Boxes are available across all Yamanote outlets in the UAE. So, make sure to avail this fantastic opportunity.

For added convenience, we can be delivered our Eid Box for free to your doorstep if preferred to be enjoyed with family or as a sweet surprise for friends and loved ones. 

Yamanote Atelier’s Eid box is available for pre-order only