Gear Up to Celebrate EID with Yamanote’s
Special Eid Box

It’s almost time for the grand festive celebration to begin. No celebration is complete without a hearty meal, and Yamanote will complete your Eid celebration by offering a delectable spread of Japanese cuisines with a special Eid Box. 

Yamanote Atelier offers a luxurious Eid Box this Eid Al Adha on July 8th, from July 11th. The Eid Box boasts unique and exhaustive Japanese cuisine with many delicacies to make your festivity of this day worth remembering and even more delightful. 

Our Eid boxes are filled with perfect, bite-sized assorted delights, perfect for a family gathering to charming yet yummy delicacies that are perfect for gifting. 

There is even a stunning mini delight, which would be a perfect showstopper for any Eid table. And the cute and delicious savouries, sweets & sandwiches are sure to be enjoyed by both young and old.

And if one is looking for beverages, go along with our special Eid Box, Dates & coconut milkshake, Dragon berry iced tea, Passion fruit iced tea, and Hibiscus tea are great choices. Whatever your preference, our Eid Boxes are a fresh take on classic delicacies.


Choose from the options below:

Special Eid Boxes:

·      VIP Box – 60 pieces selection of savories & sweets (AED 595)

·      Savory Box – 35 pieces selection of mini savories (AED 280)

·      Sweet Box – 35 pieces selection of mini sweets (AED 250)

·      Pocket Sandwich Box – 36 pieces selection of mini sandwiches (AED 270)


·      Dates & Coconut Milk Shake – Bottle 1L (AED 70)/ Glass 320ml (AED 30)/ Bottle 100ml (AED 20) 

·      Dragon Berry Iced Tea – Bottle 1L (AED 70)/ Glass 320ml (AED 30)/ Bottle 100ml (AED 20)

·      Passion Fruit Iced Tea – Bottle 1L (AED 85)/ Glass 320ml (AED 30)/ Bottle 100ml (AED 20)

·      Hibiscus Tea – Bottle 1L (AED 120)/ Glass 320ml (AED 45)/ Bottle 100ml (AED 30)

Time to dress up and relish some Japanese delicacies and cheesy pastries from our Eid Boxes. Also, these delightful Eid Boxes are available across all Yamanote outlets in the UAE. So, make sure to avail this fantastic opportunity.

For added convenience, we can be delivered our Eid Box for free to your doorstep if preferred to be enjoyed with family or as a sweet surprise for friends and loved ones. 

Yamanote Atelier’s Eid box is available for pre-order only