Loaf & Buns

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  • Burger Bun

    AED 20 Freshly baked gratification.  Make your burger special with our bunsAdd to cart
  • Croissant Loaf 450g

    AED 35 Laminated and twisted Japanese croissant, crunchy & fluffy with aromatic butterAdd to cart
  • Large Loaf Bread

    AED 38 Japanese loaf bread
  • Shiro Pan 5pc

    AED 20 White fluffy breadAdd to cart
  • Small Loaf Bread

    AED 17 Japanese loaf bread.
  • Soft Bun 6pcs

    AED 17 Add to cart
  • Wholegrain Country Bread

    AED 25 Soft baguette dough with sesame, flax seeds & walnutsAdd to cart
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