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Yamanote Atelier

Inspired by this year’s early cherry blossom season we’ve created our own collection of Sakura or Cherry Blossom pastries and drinks, as the perfect pick me up you need for breakfast or a mid-morning or afternoon snack, at any of its eleven stores across the UAE from today until 15th April.

Enjoy five different pastries inspired by the flavours and precision of Japanese baking, alongside the culinary craft and legacy of patisserie from France, each baked perfectly and just AED 15 each; alongside three cherry blossom inspired drinks, just AED 26 each.

• The Yamanote Sakura croissant: created in tribute to the best-selling Yamanote Croissant, a perfectly flaky circular croissant centred by Sakura custard cream, pink icing and salted edible Sakura flower to finish.

• The Sakura Custard Pie: a custard filled pastry with delicate Sakura custard cream filling, with an edible salted Sakura flower on top.

• The Pain Au Sakura Chocolat: a unique take on the classic pain au chocolat, but now baked with matcha, filled with Sakura blended chocolate and served with edible Sakura flowers on top.

• The Sakura Bar: a flaky pastry bar with mascarpone cream and cherries, served with a creamy Sakura custard on top

• The Sakura French Toast: a unique version of classic French toast, but with a sweet Sakura cream filling.

• The Sakura Matcha Tea: a signature Japanese tea made up of matcha powder whipped up with frothy milk, cherry syrup and strawberry flakes, served with shaved milk chocolate.

• The Sakura Iced Latte: espresso, milk and cream whipped up with cherry and vanilla – a delicious sweet treat.

• The Sakura Lemonade: a refreshing iced lemonade with cherry and rose syrup blended with cloudy lemonade and ice.

All items are served across all Yamanote Atelier cafes and restaurants across the UAE.

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