Yamanote Atelier Hosts Staff Event to Mark a Decade of Success!

April 07. 2023

Yamanote Atelier, the UAE’s favorite Japanese bakery, recently hosted a memorable staff event at a desert camp from March 7 to 9, 2023, to celebrate the upcoming 10th year anniversary of the company.

The event was held to express gratitude towards the staff for their hard work and dedication to the company over the years. The three-day event brought together the entire Yamanote Atelier family to commemorate the milestone and the company’s achievements over the past decade.

The event was held at the dessert camp and was attended by the owners, senior managers, and all the staff members, including bakers, chefs, and other team members.

The event featured a variety of activities, including games, competitions, then awarding ceremony of long-service employees, a Japanese-themed gala dinner, and a special cake-cutting ceremony. The activities provided an opportunity for employees to network, bond, and create unforgettable memories.

The Yamanote Atelier’s staff event was a resounding success, and attendees expressed their satisfaction with the event’s organization, activities, and outcome.

The event reinforced Yamanote Atelier’s position as a favorite Japanese bakery in Dubai and provided a platform for the company to showcase its creativity, talent, and commitment to excellence.

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