New Labneh Croissant is a Great Fusion & Full of Taste!

One thing that might surprise you about Yamanote is that it’s full of delicious bakeries with lots of varieties. But what makes Yamanote stands the most is its delicious signature croissants!

Yamanote is launching its new Labneh Croissants inspired by different flavours with a savoury twist of homemade furikake, pesto sauce, dry labneh, dressing, and greens.

Yamanote Croissants play in an ultimate breakfast/brunch luxury league of their own as they are so buttery, flaky, and crunchy, making it feel more special eating them. 

The new Labneh Croissants look super luxurious and taste so rich and satisfying. Try our perfect pairing of dry labneh and homemade furikake in our freshly baked croissant layered with fresh salad. Heavenly bites of buttery texture and signature labneh combined with the fresh taste. This perfect croissant is topped with greener and more drizzled with unique dressing, guaranteeing the most authentic taste and aroma.

Yamanote Atelier Japanese bakers make a wide variety of Japanese croissants with various sweet and savoury toppings and fillings. You can find them all in Yamanote outlets around the UAE.